Ron Anton Rocz Photography

John Lennon Wall, Prague

The John Lennon Wall, located near the Certovka Canal in Prague, The Czech Republic, is a colorful, graffiti-filled, active and on-going memorial to this cultural icon. It originated in 1980, at the time of John Lennon's assassination, when an unknown person drew the shape of a tombstone on this side-street wall, inscribing John's name and dates of birth and death. Through the years, with the wall surviving political repression, river floods, and more than one re-stuccoing, visitors have and continue to add their own artwork and heart-felt messages to John.

Love Is the Color That Only the Blind Can See" is my greatest selling photograph in all my career, with well over 1000 prints owned by Lennon enthusiasts and collectors all across our nation.

John Lennon Wall, Prague #1

John Lennon Wall, Prague #3

John Lennon Wall, Prague #2

John Lennon Wall & Waterpump, Prague #3