Photography Walking Tours
in Historic Charleston

Enjoy and learn from a Historic Charleston photography walking tour, led by one of Charleston’s best know photographers. Tours are private, designed especially for you and your interests. You choose the starting time and the length of the tour, from two hours to a full day. The photographer will then recommend a tour route and the best times for shooting.

Photographer Ron Anton Rocz offers you the benefit of 30 years in capturing Charleston. He knows the city intimately and the best locations, times and angles for capturing its essence. The tours are a “what, why, where, when and how” in capturing the city, with ample tips and secrets. These walking tours are a live presentation of Ron’s book “Seeing Charleston: a field guide to photographing a world-class city.” You are guaranteed to return home with excellent images of your stay in this jewel by a city by the sea.

Prices are based on the number of persons and the length of time for your tour. Call or email for a quote. Special arrangements can be made for photographing locations beyond Charleston, e.g. plantations, marshes, beaches, avenues of oaks, and country churches and church ruins.

Call or email now to make your reservations!

Ron Anton Rocz, Photographer
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